Garden Shed Buying Guide

You may be browsing the internet looking for Garden Sheds and wondering why there is so much price differences between different companies.  With Garden Sheds, there is a huge difference with regards to the spec and overall quality of the building.  Below is a list of different types of garden sheds that you will find;

Mass Produced Garden Sheds 

These garden sheds tend to be the cheapest you will find, some for perhaps as low as £150 for example.  These buildings are manufactured from rough sawn timbers from the cheapest source type.  They will always you plywood in the roof and floors.  They will highlight this as an advantage to the building, however it holds major disadvantages.  For example, with any sort of moisture it will bubble up and peal away then before to long the floor will go very soft and start to break up.  You will also find that the smallest possible framework is used and everything is nailed together.  With the building being nailed together, a winter or two of strong winds will soon see the shed leaning and very wobbly.  The cladding that is used is Overlap Boarding which is good enough for fencing panels, but not for Garden Sheds, as you will find big holes created in the side frames.  Sometimes big enough to put your hand through. 

Overall, these mass produced Garden Sheds are very light and flimsey with the cheapest qualities of timbers used.

Tongued & Grooved Garden Sheds

These Garden Sheds are much more substantial building, because the tongued and grooved cladding is the best profile to use for this type of outdoor garden shed.  You will still find a huge difference in quality of timbers used.  A lot of the cheapest timbers in T&G; cladding is rough sawn on the back of the boards and a smooth planned finish on the outside.  Some companies may still use plywood floors and roofs, which is one to look out for because it is not a good material to use for various reasons.  The best is to use T&G; timbers throughout the garden shed, including the floor and roof sections.

Overall, these are a much better Garden Shed and you will find that the extra money will go a long way and in years to come you will still be using your T&G; Garden Shed.

Heavy Duty Garden Sheds

If you are looking for a robust and substantial Garden Shed then a Heavy Duty Garden Shed is probably the one for you.  In a heavy duty Garden Shed you should be looking for much bigger sections of framework, for example 3×2 CLS.  Most cheap garden sheds you will find that the framework is 1″x1″ perhaps or maybe slightly bigger with some companies.  You will not always find thicker cladding, as this does not really mean a better building as a bigger timber section means more timber for swelling and movment.  16mm x 125mm cladding is a good section of cladding on all garden sheds.  You will find that most companies use T&G; timbers throughout in their Heavy Duty Garden Sheds.  This is a big indicator that plywood floors and roofs are no good and should never be used in any garden shed.

Overall, Heavy Duty Garden sheds are one of the best Garden Shed types on the market.  You will still need to check on the spec of each building as it still varies a lot.  Be aware of very thick cladding as you will find that there is a lot of movement with swelling and shinkage over time.

Bespoke Garden Sheds

These are where you state how your Garden Shed is to be made, the door positions, window layout, type of doors used, overall sizes etc.  It is completely up to you how you have your garden shed made, but if you are going down this root you might as well go all out with the quality.  At Heritage Garden Sheds, we specialise in manufacturing bespoke garden sheds and offer a Vapour Barrier Lining,

Overall, A Bespoke Garden Shed is completly under your control and the quality level is up to you.  Not all companies off this service, however the ones that do often give the better service and have more knowledge of Garden Sheds as they are designing and making these everyday, where as website selling mass produced garden sheds are only interested in buying and selling standard sheds with little knowledge and poor aftersales service.

Red Cedar Garden Sheds

Heritage Garden Sheds offer Bespoke Western Red Cedar Garden Sheds to all their customers.  Red Cedar timber is extremely durable and resilient against the moist climate in the UK.  It has its own perfume aroma which is its own insect repellent and preservative.  You will also find the the most expensive garden sheds will be manufactured from Red Cedar Timbers.


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