We pride ourselves for the quality of the work we do which is why we have been trading for over 25 years. We don’t advertise much at all, we rely on word of mouth. This is why it is important for us to maintain very high quality standards in manufacture and throughout our business processes. To achieve our high standards, we include strict quality processes within our factory.

From the start we set down a few simple criteria which we endeavour to strictly uphold. Our buildings must be:

  • Fit for purpose
  • Designed to suit the surroundings
  • Designed for optimum construction strength.

We are always looking to improve methods of production and use the highest quality materials we are able to source. For example,

  • We know where our timber comes from, we know the sawmill that prepares our timber, and we have a very strict policy that we insist on for shipping timber to us.
  • All our sheds have a solid wood tongue and groove floor, not a sheet of plywood
  • We “engineer” our sheds so that they fit together correctly when erected. We erect each shed to check it before we deliver it to you.
  • All our buildings are bolted together
  • All buildings are treated during manufacture

Some might say our buildings are expensive, compared to a “budget off the shelf shed” – but this is not comparing like with like when you consider an average lifespan of a budget shed is perhaps 3 years. Just consider the comparison:

Heritage Apex / PentBudget Shed
Expected life12+ years3 years
Delivery & installIncludedExtra cost
Build QualityExcellent???
12 year cost£25 / year£33 + / year

Over time, our quality sheds and buildings represent excellent value for money. With our hassle free delivery and installation service included, you are also saving a lot of your time. The old saying “You get what you pay for” certainly hold true here.

Thankfully for us there are very few we even consider competitors in our market. Over the years we have seen people coming back to us after buying a budget garden building that lasted a short period of time, and wishing they had bought a shed from Heritage Garden Buildings in the first place.