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3mx1.5m Greenhouse & Shed Combination Building
3mx1.5m Greenhouse & Shed Combination Building

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Quality Shed & Greenhouse Combination Buildings

This mid-sized Shed & Greenhouse Combi provides an excellent usable area within the greenhouse and plenty of garden storage within your garden shed are.  The 3m x 1.5m shed and greenhouse combi allows you to have a 1.5m x 1.5m garden shed and a 1.5m x 1.5m greenhouse.  If you would like a larger greenhouse than garden shed, this can be arrange at no extra cost.  All our buildings are made to order, so when you place an order we always contact you with regards to layout and positioning before anything goes to manufacture. 

If you want a bespoke shed & greenhouse combi click here.  Complete the form and we will e-mail you back shortly with a full written quotation.

  • WALLS: 19mm x 125mm Shiplap Cladding. We use kiln dried Swedish Redwood. Some companies use pressure treated timbers, fine for decking and fencing products but not when it comes to Quality Buildings. Pressure treated timbers are full of moisture which then dries out and becomes very brittle and shrinks which is why they have to machine a larger tongue but even this isn’t sufficient. Using kiln dried saw falling timbers together with a Quality Spirit Based Preservative makes for a much better product.
  • Kiln Dried Swedish Redwood All the timbers in our Shed & Greenhouse Combination buildings are Kiln Dried Swedish Redwood. It is important that the wood in a greenhouse is Kiln Dried. This reduces the amount of moisture in the wood while keeping its strength and structure. It massively reduces the amount the timber moves through shrinkage and swelling with different environmental
  • HEAVY DUTY FRAMEWORK 40mm x 35mm Solid timbers. Some inferior replica products use two smaller timbers screwed together to create a larger section of timber to put in their building specification. All our frameworks are solid kiln dried Swedish Redwood, planned all round, not rough sawn!
  • DOOR SPEC Ledged and braced door for both Greenhouse and Shed (if you chose a plan with a door in each) All doors are fitted with 3x 300mm heavy duty galvanised T-hinges and a Solid 150mm Padbolt (not a cheap Hasp n Staple) All door furniture can be Bolted on for extra security.

    Back in the early 1980’s we use to put sliding doors on all our Greenhouses, however over the years we are continually improving and as a result we no longer put sliding doors on our Greenhouses for the following reasons; Security is a big issue with a sliding door, they are SO easy to unhook off their track, They are also very wobbly and when the wind picks up the last thing you need is your Greenhouse rattling in the night, and the third big reason is that they always seem to either jam or somehow come off their tracks after a few years of service.
  • GLASS WINDOWS 4mm toughened glass. You can upgrade to much stronger laminated glass. Laminated glass is 6.4mm glass. If you are looking for security or have children playing in your garden then this is the glass for you. It acts the same way as a Car Windscreen, where it will break (although with arguably more force than toughened glass) but not fall out due to the central film holding the glass in one. This is good for if children play nearby or for security reasons they will need to make a lot of noise to break the glass then produce even more noise trying to get the glass out.
  • GREENHOUSE ROOF BEAMS 75mm x 50mm Joinery grade unsorted Redwood. Again, most companies think the pressure treated is best, but it loses its strength and becomes brittle very quickly once it all dries out. With our Unsorted Joinery grade Redwood timbers allows a much cleaner and neat finish to the end product with also retaining its full strength and durability for decades to come.

  • Installation All our buildings are quick to install compared to the majority of other similar buildings on the market. Each building is individually made to each customer, which is why we can alter the building in many ways to suit your needs. As part of our quality checks we put together each building before it is dispatched to the customer, to ensure that everything fits together the way it should. For two moderate DIY people you should complete the build within 4-5 hours, compared to 3 or 4 days with other companies. The reason ours are so quick is that everything is completed in our workshops, including;
    • All Frames are delivered fully glazed including the Greenhouse Roofs
    • Each and Every window is sealed up in our workshop prior to dispatch
    • There are NO FRAMES TO MAKE UP, all is completed by us in our workshops
    • All Doors and Opening Windows completely fit into the framework completely in our workshop

Opening Window Options

Included in the standard price in one Roof Opening Vent which is set onto an Auto Vent Opener.  This means that as your greenhouse gets to a certain temperature the window will automatically open to allow the hot air to escape.  Top hinges opening windows which will allow ventilation within the greenhouse which helps to prevent condensation on the inside.  You can have the opening windows positioned where best suits you.  When you order we will contact you to arrange the position of the opening windows and then layout will be e-mailed to you to confirm. 

Option #1 No opening windows
Option #2 One opening window in the greenhouse
Option #3 Two opening windows in the greenhouse
Option #4 Three opening windows in the greenhouse
Option #5 Four opening windows in the greenhouse  

Staging Options
Staging is a latted potting out bench that is fixed level with the bottoms of the windows.

Option #1 No staging at all
Option #2 Staging runing down either the left side or right side of the greenhouse as you walk into the greenhouse from the shed.
Option #3 Staging running down both sides (left & right) of the greenhouse as you walk into the greenhouse from the shed.
Option #4 Staging runing in a U-shape around the greenhouse.  

Door Options
Option #1
Standard Wide doors

Option #2 760mm wide doors both internal & external
Option #3 900mm wide doors both internal & external

Floor Options

As standard the Greenhouse & Shed Combination building does not include a timber floor.  A floor throughout the building or just a floor in the shed area can be added as an extra.  The reason for this is that people use their greenhouses for various reasons.  For exampl, if you are wanting to grow direct from the ground then we would suggest no floor, however, if you are going to be growing from pots then we would suggest a floor throughout. 

What do I need to do if I don't have a floor?
The best option for the ground is to sit the frames directly onto two course of brickwork.  This keeps the timber frames off the ground, clear from any standing water and you can also set it on a dramp proof membrane. 
What do I need to do if I do have a floor?
If you include a floor throughout, you might need floor bearers which you will need to set up level on the ground.  These can be levelled with whatever is needed and can also be set on a damp proof membrane.  The floor bearers keep the floor from direct contact with the ground and gives a 50mm air circulation underneath. 

Select a Design Plan

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