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Pent Sheds

Standard Pent Shed

Pent Sheds are ideal for the garden or your back yard as a general store. Any size made to order from small to large sheds. The pent shed is lower at the back, higher at the front and better suited where height may be restricted or space limited.

Standard Pent Sheds

Our standard Pent Shed sizes are available for quick delivery.  Prices quoted does not include delivery and installation. We deliver regularly to the South East & London, also Scotland and the North East England.


Standard Pent Shed Sizes
5 x 4  
6 x 36 x 46 x 5
7 x 47 x 57 x 6
8 x 48 x 58 x 6
9 x 6  
10 x 510 x 610 x 8
12 x 612 x 8 
14 x 8  

Larger and Bespoke Pent Sheds

Large sheds available to order. Many of the pent sheds we produce are slight variations to the standard garden shed. Or we can manufacture a different size altogether to fit the space you have, with doors and windows placed appropriately. One interesting variation of the Pent shed can be smaller than standard, which works well as a large toolbox, ideally suited to a smaller back yard!

Please see our Pent Shed product page for prices and more styles of Pent Shed


Large Pent Shed
Large Pent Shed 3.6m x 2.4m
Pent shed in the back yard
Pent shed in the back yard
Small pent tool store
Pent Building to be used as a Pub Shop
Garden Office
Pent building to be used as a Garden Office

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